How to Train a Kitten

Few things in this world are as precious as a new kitten. Taking the time to learn how to train a kitten is much easier than attempting to teach an older cat that has already picked up a number of bad habits. You have several things that you need to consider as you learn about the development of kittens to help your new baby adjust when you bring him or her home.

As your furry companion gets older, you need to know how to train a kitten so that he or she remains well-behaved after reaching adulthood. In turn, you will be able to ensure that you are giving your cat proper care if you are not constantly scolding to correct misbehavior.

How To Train A KittenStart Slow

When you first start to train a kitten, it is important not to overwhelm them the first few weeks after bringing them into your home. Training a kitten is a process that should be implemented gradually. Only introduce your kitten to the rooms in your home on the first day of training.

Make sure your kitten knows where the food, water and litter box can be found. Otherwise, your new little kitten may become stressed as they are getting to know their new environment.

In addition, you will want to keep your new kitten away from any other pets that you may have for the first little while. When the time does come to introduce everyone, be sure to actively supervise the encounter and be ready to intervene if need be.

A number of cat care experts recommend bathing your new and existing pets prior to introduction, this way everyone will smell the same.

The Litter Box

Provide your new kitten with a litter pan of their own with just a small amount of litter in it. If you have more cats, they are likely to share a litter box once everyone is well-acquainted and feels comfortable.

Kitten Litter Box TrainingYou will need to scoop the soiled litter from your kitten’s litter box at least twice a day. If your kitten is younger than three months old, you should not use clumping cat litter because it could cause issues with their digestive system.

Gently place your kitten in the litter box and rake his or her paws though the litter to show them what to do. Most of the time that is all it takes and they will figure it out from there. If your kitten uses your carpet, plants, furniture, etc. tell them “no” in a stern, not yelling, voice. Then place them in the cat litter box and praise them when they do their business there.

Remember your new little kitty needs lots of love and attention. You will also need to provide a scratching post and an adequate amount of play each day to keep your new friend happy.

We trust that the information above will give you some great tips for learning how to train a kitten, if you have any other kitty training tips, please feel free to add them into the comments below!

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